Advisory Neighborhood Commission Burleith, Georgetown, Hillandale, Washington, DC

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

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Welcome to the ANC2E website representing Burleith, Georgetown and Hillandale in Washington, DC.

ANCs are advisory boards providing official citizen representation to other governmental bodies. The commissioners consider a wide range of policies and programs affecting their neighborhoods. Read more about ANC2E here.

Public Meeting

ANC 2E Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30pm:

We will be meeting this month at the Georgetown Visitation School, 35th and Volta Place, Heritage Room, 2nd floor

ANC2E's Agenda for this meeting


*** West Heating Plant - ANC 2E resolutions from the February 1, 2016 public meeting *** - one resolution on demolition issues and one on design issues

*** Expiration of ABC liquor license moratorium in February 2016 ***
The template Settlement Agreement below will be presented for approval at the ANC 2E January 4, 2016 public meeting. If adopted by ANC 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, and the Georgetown BID, it will be the agreement template requested of applicants for new liquor licenses in Georgetown/Burleith following expiration of the current liquor license moratorium. Click here for the draft template Settlement Agreement to be requested of new liquor license applicants

*** Residential Zoning Regulations ***
Proposed Georgetown comments on residential zoning regulations (January 19, 2013 draft)

New boundaries for single member districts in ANC 2E for 2013-2022

New boundaries for the single member districts within ANC 2E beginning January 1, 2013 are shown on the accompanying map. The perimeter boundaries of ANC 2E overall have not changed, but boundaries of the single member districts within ANC 2E have changed somewhat. A new Single Member District 08 has been added and some shifts from the current boundaries of single member districts 01 through 07 have occurred.

*** ANC2E and the Georgetown University Campus Plan ***
-- Georgetown University 2000-2010 Campus Plan case - Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law filed January 13, 2012 by ANC 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, and the Burleith Citizens Association.
-- ANC 2E supplemental filing with the D.C. Zoning Commission in case no. ZC-10-32, the Georgetown University 2010-2020 Campus Plan

*** ANC 2E redistricting material ***
-- Recommendations of Tom Birch, Chair, Ward 2 Redistricting Advisory Groups, for ANC 2E Redistricting

*** Click Here to Download this Redistricting Material and recommendations to the Zoning Commission regarding the Georgetown University proposed 2010-2020 campus plan (approved by ANC 2E at a public meeting on February 28, 2011) ***

To find out what happens at ANC meetings, read our meeting overview.

Although the ANC reviews many projects before the Old Georgetown Board, ANC does not review ALL the projects on the monthly Old Georgetown Board agenda. Check out their agenda monthly so that you know what is being reviewed by them: Old Georgetown Board Next Meeting Agenda.

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Project Submission Form

The APPLICATION AND REFERRAL TO THE US COMMISSION OF FINE ARTS FOR OLD GEORGETOWN REVIEW is now available online. Anyone whose project is on the Old Georgetown Board agenda for review or before a DC agency such as the Historic Preservation Board, the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Zoning Commission is required by ANC2E to fill out this application and submit it to the commission. Generally speaking, these are projects that occur within Historic Georgetown. For more information on the project approval process, read about the Old Georgetown Act.